How many people look forward to getting their teeth cleaned, or their eyes checked, or a physical for that matter? Not a lot, especially when you might think something could be wrong, like squinting to read the fine print when you didn’t used to. And, truth be told, it can be downright scary, because what if …? 

What about having your ears checked out by a hearing care professional? Let’s take a look at just a few ways hearing care professionals can be your ‘go-to expert’ when you need them.

Did you know it can be up to 10 years that an average person with hearing loss waits before taking action? Imagine all the wonderful sounds, conversations and social interactions missed. A hearing care professional can perform hearing tests as well as a physical check to see what might be the specific cause of your hearing loss and how to best treat it.

Have you noticed a ringing in your ears? Or, maybe a buzzing, whistling or screeching among other things. This is called tinnitus, and it can only be heard by the person affected by it. While it is not a disease, it is rather a symptom of some underlying heath concern. By visiting a hearing care professional, they can help with different tinnitus treatments.

Are you experiencing dizziness and balance issues? A hearing care professional can provide a number of different balance tests. They may also test your eye movements as your eyes can give you clues to the function of the inner ear.

There are a wide range of excellent hearing protection products available. Your hearing care provider can offer advice on which type might suit you. It could be foam earplugs, solid earplugs, musician earplugs, noise-blocking earmuffs, etc.

There are 27.4 million people in the U.S. who have mild to moderate hearing loss. As each individual is different, there are also different hearing aids available. A hearing care professional is the best person to give you advice and help on hearing solutions and devices that might be best for you.

Based on hearing test and results, your hearing care professional will recommend and set you up with hearing aids that are right for you. Plus, customize the hearing aids to match your unique hearing loss and tweak them to fit your lifestyle and activities. So, if you find it difficult to hear at your favorite restaurant or at work, your hearing care professional can easily fine tune your hearing aids for your listening needs. 

There are so many ways a hearing care professional can help you now … and into the future. Go ahead and schedule that appointment … you’ll get extra adulting points, for sure!